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Earth to Clunk - Pam Smallcomb, Joe Berger

In my household there is always a basket full (and I mean FULL) of library books in my six year old son's bedroom. There is a mixture of graphic novels, picture books, and the chapter books that we read aloud. Last night, after bath time, I logged into my library account to see which books needed to be returned next, and what did I discover? An overdue book. We immediately sat our butts down and picked up said book, Earth to Clunk.

In Earth to Clunk, a boy is assigned a pen pal named Clunk. The boy does not want an alien for a pen pal and tries various ways to dissuade Clunk from responding to his letters and gifts in silly and sometimes kind of gross ways.

My six year old wasn't all that into this book right away, I think because he didn't know what a pen pal was, but once the boy's tactics started getting a little gross then he was glued to the pages. Once finished, we hopped in the car (little man in only undies and a sweatshirt) and hurried to drop it off before I incurred any more late fees. The entire trip my son alternated between flipping through all the pages again and asking "Do we HAVE to return it?"

This book was definitely a winner in our house.